大家好!我們是 coucou bébé 睏寶選物店

coucou bébé 是法文Hello baby和寶寶打招呼的意思,用滿滿的愛來迎接寶貝的每一天。

Hi We are Coucou bébé select shop, base in Taiwan.
we are committed to selecting safe and non-toxic baby products, wooden toys, accessories and baby apparel, from all over the world for our little one.

Most of the brands in our store come from home workshops, local small businesses. They are more care about the materials and manufacturing processes.

We think that carefully selected toy by sustainable concept for our baby instead of providing a large number of toys to them will help baby develop their imagination and that is also a base for creativity. They also can learn about how to cherish toy and keep the earth beautiful.
Hope you and your babies love them as much as we do.

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